We are a group of mature, experienced pilots that are all in, when it comes to the Elite and the Dangerous.
Our Squadron is part of a larger group of other Squadrons and Factions working together to make sure all of our goals are met.

If you get bored here, you're probably not logged in.
Our pilots are actively engaged in all areas of interest.

Squadron Missions
We are always into something. Growing, expanding, taking over bases.It keeps us on our toes, and it's great to work for something as a team.
Check our missions section for the most current BGS endeavor.
We are also active in:

Combat:  Due to human nature, there's always a conflict going on in some corner of the galaxy.

Exploration:  There is so much to see in this vast galaxy. Get out there, and take it all in.

Trade:  We will never be as rich as we would like, but the effort must be made.

Mining:  It can be as relaxing as you like, or a hard corps money maker.

Anti-Xeno:  Fighting the Thargoid menace is a dirty job, but someone needs to do it.

Group Gatherings:  Check our Discord server for planned events, or let us know if you have any ideas for some fun.

Learn more about us on:


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